Glyde Technology

Keyless Door Entry Technology Software

RedOchre developed iOS / Android mobile apps to control and support the Glyde IoT keyless door lock system

Glade technology

Glyde, an LoT smart lock
with live data at the edge

Project Summary


RedOchre were engaged to develop a mobile device solution to interface with the Glyde door lock and other LoT devices(

The application allows the user (guest) to be directed to a room, unlock / lock the door, control other devices as well as be provided other information relevant to their stay, e.g weather, gym occupancy.

This allows large-scale accommodattion providers the ability to de-centralise room allocation and control, as well as providing for secure monitoring of their site(s).

Service Provided

  • Mobile development - iOS and Android
  • Bug fixed, testing & deploypment
  • Ongoing support, e.g operating system updates, new feature request

Key Features

  • Room access details emailed to user
  • Room number & directions to mobile device(s)
  • Button press unlock / lock
  • Other device control, e.g. air conditioner
  • Other device control, e.g air conditioner


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