Process Management

Job Tracking Software

Red Ochre developed Job Tracking Software for a multinational Air Conditioning Business

Glade technology

Tracking jobs,
from order to delivery

Project Summary


Red Ochre were engaged to develop a job tracking system which pulled orders from an accounting system as a new job. Tracked the job's progress during the entire manufacturing process, until complete.

The application provides an interface showing the status of all jobs.

Enabling the company to scale jobs per day up and down without the paperwork overhead.

Service Provided

  • Windows Based development
  • Microsoft User Interface and Database
  • Integrate with exisiting accounting package
  • Build, Test and Deploy
  • Ongoing support and new feature requests

Key Features

  • Accounting System Integration
  • Deployed to multiple PCs within the organisation
  • Robust database server
  • More thatn 10 Years of continuous operation
  • Simply Great Software
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